After adding to the fresh herbal plant our spagyric ethyl alcohol and red wine in the right proportions, then its placed to macerate for 28 days in a glass demijohn inside our cosmic greenhouse pyramid, so that it begins the so-called "Microcosmic Extraction". This provides for the extraction of active ingredients from the plant under certain conditions of temperature, humidity and light (sun and moon) to which is added our energy frequency music for 24 hours a day. Only under these conditions are offered by our emissions without altering or degrading the active ingredients of all our herbal plants.



After a first phase of maceration and decantation in our cosmic greenhouse, lasting 28 days, the residues of the plant are removed from the solution and subjected to a first stage of pressing which allows to break the plant fiber and release the functional elements still trapped in the plant.



At this point the residues of the plant pressed are taken and placed in a ventilated Muffle Furnace at 850° C thus obtaining the ashes still rich in small concentrations of active principle, functional elements of the plant and mineral salts. These ashes are the so-called "MEMORY OF THE PLANT". Through a spagyric process it becomes crystallized obtaining the salts of the plant.



The salts thus obtained are added and dissolved in the solution obtained by maceration. On top of our demijohn we turn another demijohns upside down of the same size so that both mouths of the same coincide perfectly adapted to be sealed with the luto, namely, a strip of white virgin paper soaked in a paste formed from flour, water, egg whites with some ashes of the plant, this is called by the Ancients "Luto of Wisdom".The double demijohn obtained is reported in the greenhouse for 12 days to start the "Microcosm Extractive Circulation" and submit it to the absorption of the energy of the music, thereby recovering even the slightest part of those active ingredients that would go dispersed by any other method of extraction. Upon completion, the lute will split and will be the sign that the FitoMater (Spagyric Tincture) is ready.

When the lute has split, it means that the time for circulation has run out. At that moment the two glass demijohns are separated, the solution is filtered with a paper filter, left to decant for 40 minutes and then bottled, or different tinctures are mixed together if you want to make a synergistic spagyric mixtures.


Today there are companies that use extraction machines to complete the extraction cycle in a few hours or days, by using certain types of solvents that can quickly extract the minimum part of the active ingredients, and then there are others who say that they have the Spagyric extraction machines by imitating nature's cycle. But we all know that man cannot imitate nature, only she can offer us solar and lunar energy by donating noble energy to the plants and life itself.