These are the principles with which the Erbenobili company presents itself on the market.

Innovation, professionalism, respecting nature and man: are the principles by which the firm Erbenobili appears on the market.

Erbenobili is a company specialized in the production of spagyric medicine that is useful to support the physiological functions of the organism. Inside a large laboratory of 800 square meters, That is authorized in accordance with Legislative Decree 111/92 from our Health ministry, we prepare our products using carefully selected raw materials in respect of nature, man and the most ancient herbal tradition and we make this selection one of the strong points of our preparations.

This is possible thanks to the fact that the plants are subjected to the delicate period of maceration in our cosmic greenhouse pyramid, in an environment in which light, moisture and temperature are optimum for our “Spagyric”, extraction, this is to have a balanced and harmonious extraction of all the active substances from our herbal plants that makes up “the essence of our Spagyric complex”. The techniques of extraction, although modern, respecting the ancient herbal traditions that enhances the active ingredients of our vegetable raw materials used.

Thanks to the rigor with which they are controlled its modulated time, humidity and temperature of the different stages of production, from the maceration and decantation are obtained very high quality products enclosing all the richness of its active principles of the plants that are able to interact and assist with the functionality of the human organism.