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Abscesses Accumulation of toxins accumulo liquidi Acne Allergies Andropause Anemia Angina pectoris Antibiotico antimicotico Anxiety Arrhythmia Arterial pressure Arthritis Asthma autismo bambini Bleeding blocco nasale Bronchitis Bruises Calcium deficiency Cardiovascular problems carenza magnesio Catarrh cattiva digestione Cellular oxidation Cellulitis Cerebrovascular disorders chili in eccesso cholesterol ciclo Circulatory disorders Colitis colon concentrazione Constipation Cramps Cystitis Demineralized Depression depurazione Dermatitis Diabetes diarrea digerire digestione dolori dolori ciclo drenare Dry cough Dysentery Dysmenorrhea Eating disorders Eczema Edemas energetico energizzante epatite Erectile dysfunction Fat cough Fatigue fermenti lattici Fever Flatulence flora batterica fragilità ossea fratture Free radicals Gastritis Genital dysfunction giove gola Gonorrhea hdl Headache Heaviness Hematomas Hemorrhoids Hives Hypertension hyperuricaemia Hypotension Immune system immunostimolante Impotence infiammazioni Influence Insomnia Intestinal disorders inverno ipercolesterolemia Joint pain Kidney stones lassativo ldl Liver dysfunction Lymphatic system disorders mal di orecchie Mammary gland dysfunction Menopause Menstrual cycle Metabolic dysfunction Migraine muco Muscle aches Muscle contractures Muscle inflammation Nervousness obesità ossa Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Otitis Overweight Palpitations Pancreatic insufficiency pediatrico pelle perdere peso perdita del peso peso Pharyngitis Phlebitis propoli Prostatitis Psoriasis Renal insufficiency Renal tract dysfunctions Respiratory inflammation Rheumatism Rickets Rosacea Seasonal disorders sedativo Siderosis sistema immunitario Slow digestion Sore throat Spleen disorders stitichezza Stress Swelling Tachycardia Tendinitis Testicular inflammation Throat irritation Thrombosis Thyroid dysfunction tiroide tosse Ulcers Urinary dysfunction Urination disorders vampate calore viagra Vision disorders Water retention Weakness

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