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miniatura Fitomater


When we speak of FitoMater, we talk about our unique Spagyric Tinctures. The uniqueness of Erbenobili products comes from the method of preparation. These techniques involve the combination of herbalist tradition with modern science...

miniatura Fitoblasto


Obtained by maceration of young plant tissues, the plant buds purify and protect our body, reduce stress by developing its own action in the organ drainage therapy by restoring normal physiological functions...

miniatura Composti


From the synergy and the union of our Spagyric Tinctures we give birth to our Complex. They are formulated and specially developed for the treatment of specific disorders. In our Complex the herbal plants, selected according to their...

miniatura Olosvita


The Olosvita products, born from the combination of trace elements (olos) and vitamins (vita), are a natural remedy that can assist and bring benefits to the physiological functions of our body. Their strength lies in the particular method...

miniatura Oligoceleste


These new products have been developed by our team developing a formulation capable of making bioavailable those trace elements that are necessary in the event of their deficiency in our body. The presence of chlorophyll, in addition...


Innovation, professionalism, respecting nature and mankind: These are the principles of which the company Erbenobili appears on the market.

Erbenobili is a company specialized in the production of Spagyric products that is useful in supporting the physiological functions of our organism. In a large laboratory of 800 square meters, that is authorized under the Legislative Decree 111/92 of our Health Ministry,here we prepare our products by using carefully selected raw materials in respecting nature and man and from the oldest herbal tradition by selecting this process it gives us one of our strong points for our preparations.

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